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Placement Overview
Landing your first job can be tough.  It takes more than just talent.  It takes hard work, a great attitude, and a strong support base.  Our Career Services department is designed to give you that support - both while you're in school and after you graduate.

At the Our School we take our student's dream of working as a 3D/VFX artist as a challenge.  That's why we are dedicated team to help students and graduates achieve their career goals. Here are just a few of the measure we take to help prepare you for your job in the field:

We provide training on industry expectations regarding demo reel content and presentation till the job
Students have direct access to our placement team for for demo reel critique and feedback
We bring in updated software to provide the industry fresh talents.
We regularly update our curriculum to reflect industry advancements and trends
We allow graduates to retake any portion of our program for FREE, and…
We bring hiring studios to Triangle Berry to meet our graduates face-to-face