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Photoshop Tutorials: Painting Scene Photo Manipulation Special Effects
Posted on Feb 05, 2013 at 05:50 pm IST
Photoshop is a great tool to create many forms of art. With it, there is no limit of what kind of artwork we can create.
In this Photoshop tutorial we will make photo manipulation. We will transform photography with cat to still life painting and add it to photo frame, so we will get painting scene photo manipulation. We will use few clip arts, blending modes and filters to create this photoshop effect.
At first open your image. We will use this interesting image with cat.
At first duplicate this layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. You will get black and white layer, again duplicate this balck and white layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Invert. Change blending mode to Color Dodge. And last manipulation with this layer: go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Set radius to 2-3 px and change blending mode to Luminosity.
Now we need to merge two uppers layer and change blending mode to Luminosity. You can see that our painting now is little bit more colorful.
After we change Blending mode, we need to add some artistic filters.We will use Fresco filter. To Fresco filter add Brush size:2; Brush details:8; Texture:1;
So, we create painting, now we need to add some manipulations. Open image with painting frame, delete all unnecessary details and add to this image our original image with cat.
Duplicate frame layer and add Gaussian blur filter (Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur), radius 2-3px. Delete blur from frame. And add to painting frame our cat painting.
Now we need add some clip art to our image. At first add color palette. To layer with color palette add layer style: Drop shadow
Looks nice, but we must add painter who will create this art works. We will add painter hand.
We want make our painter hand more interesting, so we will add color tube cap. After you add color tube cap, add it to hand and delete all unnecessary details
Now we need make our tube cap color same as painter hand. So go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Set Saturation to -60; Lightness = +20. And also to hand we need add some Hue/Saturation parameters. Add Lightness +10. Now you can merge both layers and also use blur tool if you need merge hand and cap more.
To make image more colorful, we will colorful color that ooze from hand. To do that, take Sponge tool; set mode to Saturate and Flow=100% and colorful color that ooze
After we colourful ooze color, we now must change color on brush. To do that, we select brush. I will use Lasso tool. Now go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and add realistic color.
And the last step. Create new layer and fill it with black color. And layer mask to it and take Gradient tool. Set Foreground to Transparent gradient and draw few time, so we will see our image. So here is our result. We make pretty interesting photo manipulation. I hope you like this photoshop tutorial.
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