Behind the Scenes of  "Everest" VFX
Posted on March 11, 2016 at 10:23 pm IST
Framestore, Important Looking Pirates, Union VFX, One Of Us and Milk VFX delivered VFX shots for Everest
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Worldwide Fx delivered 400 Visual Effects shots for “London Has Fallen” VFX Supervisor Sean Farrow & VFX Producer Anna V. James together lead a team at Worldwide Fx to delivered more than 400 VFX shots, where 124 shots are  dedicated to the action sequence in front of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
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Union VFX played important role in this project. They created Everest environments as well as the Pumori mountain range. Union created the Helicopter rescue sequence where both from outside the helicopter and through the windows as they fly through. VFX supervisor Simon Hughes describes Union’s contributions.
Framestore deliverd  200 plus VFX shots including fully CG shots, DMP work, set extensions and snow and cloud generation.

VFX supervisor  Stefan Andersson lead the team at Important Looking Pirates. Studio predominantly worked on the whiteout effect when the storm hits the crew.

Creative team at One of Us worked on 2 sequences for this movie, lead  by  Dominic Parker and Emmanuel Pichereau VFX Supervisor One of Us. This firstly involved the summit sequence, everything above Hillary Step. One of the live action shot was shoot on a big greenscreen stage and due to big size of the greenscreens a great deal of prep work was necessary to make sure the shots would work. This work was a mixture of DMP, set extensions and practical and Computer Graphic particles for atmosphere.