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Redchillies released VFX video footage for RA One
Posted on March 29, 2012 at 03:07am IST
Redchillies has released VFX video footage for RA One.Ra One has around 3,500 VFX shots which set a benchmark for digital innovation and use of technology in movie marketing for Bollywood. VFX, software like Maya, Houdini and Macs, Nuke and Shake(for composites) were havily used in this movie.
Shah Rukh Khan expressed, "RA.One is a landmark film. It demonstrates the growing confidence and capability of the Indian talent to produce films of global benchmarks. I am happy that Discovery Channel will decode the path-breaking technology and never-seen-before concepts that were used to create RA.One. Viewers will able to appreciate the entire creative process from the closest distance possible. A must-watch for every Indian movie fan."
Director Anubhav Sinha said, "When I started working on the special effects of the film, I had the confidence that we have the talent to visualize it and to execute it.  Discovery Channel's programme attributes the genius and hard work that has gone behind creating one of the most technically advanced indigenous films."
Ra.One is the second-most expensive film ever produced in Indian cinema, following Enthiran (2010).In addition, an estimated 52 crore (US$9.88 million) was spent on marketing through various partnerships, which set the record for the largest marketing budget in India.
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