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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb VFX
Posted on Dec 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm IST
MPC Completed 250 VFX  shots for the film
Lion Sequence Breakdown
YouTube sequence breakdown
The production for the film took place on stages at Mammoth Studios. VFX Supervisor Seth Maury at MPC lead a team at MPC to completed 250 VFX shots.

For the The British Museum sequence, MPC team created digital characters  like Balinese Dancers, Kakiemon Elephants, Egyptian Cat, Centaurs, a replica of the Colossal Lion statue that is in the Great Court, Ganymede the Eagle, painted stone Hippos, a flock of Bronze Herons, a pair of Lamassu, a Mayan Frog, painted metallic Peacocks, Shiva, a flock of Steel Doves, a pair of marble Dogs, jade Terrapins, and a terracotta figure of Winged Victory.
They also created a new Triceratops skeleton character. The dinosaur was designed using photo references of Tyrannosaurs skeletons.  The Triceratops was given similar characteristics to the TRex in the first 2 movies, in that it behaves like a big dog. MPC’s animation had fun with a few moments in the Hall of the Hunt where the Triceratops acts like a happy puppy until things go wrong, and it goes on the rampage.
Attack of the Xiangliu Sequence Breakdown
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