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MPC created VFX for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Posted on Nov 18, 2014 at 10:15pm IST
MPC  partner with director Peter berg for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare VFX.
MPC  partner with director Peter berg for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare VFX. Director Paul Said: “We wanted to make something extraordinary with an immediacy and freshness that would distinguish it from the gameplay and the game cinematics. The outcome is even more impressive given the extreme nature of the camera’s journey.  Over the first few weeks, we pre-visualized and planned out what could be achieved practically in a days shooting, how far we could go with a stunt effect, where we could take a camera and what sets and locations would be appropriate.“
The practical film sets and effects gave MPC team a strong photographic base and lighting reference to work from. Visual effects artists could then look to work as invisibly as possible.

Using CG to bridge and glue it all together, a wide range of complex Visuall effects was created, including full CG photoreal cities, war torn bridges, blast, bullets, hover bikes, Computer Graphic soldiers and war birds. Inprovement to the location and set extensions transformed a fantastic California desert set into the game’s ultimate dest. of Lagos, Nigeria in 2059. 
The grand finale of the spot brings the players onto a bridge blown out from the underneath, as they launch and collapse onto a spider tank amidst an abandoned city full with bad guys, helicopters and missiles. For this, MPC created full Computer Graphic photoreal scenes in which the second player and a small bridge set piece were the only practical elements. The performance of Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) was composited from six separate takes morphed together to put him at the center of the fully CG shot.
The scene of the protagonist falling from the building and crashing into an enemy vehicle was filmed entirely on chroma with only a static truck as a practical build. The CG environments and roads were created in  each sequence seamlessly bridged into the next environment.
Creative Director at MPC US  Color Mark Gethin completed the grade, reflecting the grit and action-packed realism to complement the visceral nature of the film.

The project spanned eight weeks and encompassed intensive pre-production planning, Research & Development, and five weeks of subsequent VFX work to reimagine the game as one epic mission
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