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"Exodus: Gods And Kings" VFX Breakdown
Posted on Dec 01, 2014 at 05:03 pm IST
More than 1500 visual effects shots used to build the world of Moses in Exodus: Gods And Kings
 "Exodus: Gods And Kings" VFX Breakdown
Method studios has delivered 223 shots which includes everything from digital matte paintings of dramatic landscapes through to a CG stone sphinx, hundreds of digital doubles, fires, weapons and mosquitoes.
Original Plate Final Plate
"Exodus: Gods And Kings" VFX Breakdown by Method Studio
"Exodus: Gods And Kings" VFX by MPC
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Double Negative also delivered VFX shot for the film. They created digital city builds, crowds & set extensions.  They also created Plagues affect.  Double Negative crafted matte paintings for the storm supercells, augmented in NUKE. Later on rain and hail were simulated in Houdini.
They created swarms of frogs for above sequence, along with set extensions and digi-doubles as the amphibians take over Pi-Rameses. The plagues effects were created in Houdini, while standalone shots matched Animated frogs to live action ‘stuntie’ ones.
MPC created Red Sea visual effects sequence under visual effects supervisor Jessica Norman. Scanline VFX also sharing shots, supervised by VFX Supervisor Stephan Trojansky. Major work included environment detailing where thousands of people and horses are there, significant sky, storm & tornado effects  MPC used a wave animation rig to get the gross movement of the sea  in more of tsunami style than the classic parting look  & then used Flowline and additional fx and DMP to devise the final shots.
Original Plate Final Plate
Working with Audiomotion on complex Motion Capture