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"Prasad Sutar" a man behind the VFX Shoot of Agneepath
Reposted on April 21, 2012 at 06:26pm IST
Mr. Prasad Sutar, a veteran in the field of Visual effects led a team of 200 artists based in Pixion facilities in Mumbai to complete the VFX shots for the movie in just two and a half months.
Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, Gaon Mandwa , one of the most famous dialogues in 1980 s has strike again in 2012 in the voice of Hrithik Roshan in "Agneepath", directed by Karan Malhotra; the film is a remake of Amitabh Bachhan starrer film "Agneepath".  To make the blockbuster more entertaining and real, Pixion studios who has already proved themselves by giving VFX shots to various other bollywood movies Don2, Aarakshan, Bodyguard, Delhi Belly, Dabangg can be named few has delivered  1600 VFX shots  in the movie.

In agneepath the story opens in island Mandwa, near Maharashtra. The highly respected school master of the village, Master Deenanath Chauhan (Chetan Pandit), tries to dissuade the villagers from giving away their lands on lease to Kancha Cheena (Sanjay Dutt), the son of the village head who plans to start a drug mafia. In turn, Kancha falsely accusing Master of raping a student executes him in full public view by hanging him to a banyan tree. The movie is a perfect mix of action, thriller and drama.
Mr. Prasad Sutar, a veteran in the field of Visual effects led a team of 200 artists based in Pixion facilities in Mumbai to complete the VFX shots for the movie in just two and a half months.

Mr. Prasad Sutar, a well known name in the field of VFX started his VFX journey at CMM studios, when he was the part of the production team of Superhit Blockbuster "GHULAM" in which the lead actor Aamir Khan running on rail tracks towards an oncoming train, which misses him by a few feet as he jumps off the tracks in front of a heading train and till date it is still one of the master piece vfx shot which is still fresh  in the mind of . Currently associated with Pixion Studios as VFX supervisor and have various accolades for his VFX work in bollywood blockbusters like Don 2, Bodyguard, Aarakshan, Chillar Party, Delhi Belly and many more.
Mr. Prasad Sutar is a veteran
In the field of Visual effects and his success story
is a source of Inspiration
for the future VFX artist
One of our reporter interviewed Mr. Prasad Sutar, VFX supervisor of Pixion regarding Agneepath and his views about the Indian VFX Industry. Here is excerpt from the interview:

1.What can you tell us about the VFX in Agneepath?
Agneepath was one of the interesting projects we have done. We have delivered 1600 vfx shots for this blockbuster which is full of Action sequence and deferens in the climax.

2.What are the challenges you have faced during its production?

One of the most challenging sequence in the movie was the Eye brow of Kancha Cheena , character played by   "Sanjay Dutt" in the movie. We use VFX to make the eyebrows real that suits to the character.

3.What is the Vision of Pixion Studio?

The vision of Pixion studios is to set benchmarks of its excellence in VFX industry which others will follow and to continue delivering excellence in its works to maintain the benchmark.

4.What are the current projects that you are working on?
Currently we are working hard to deliver vfx shots for krish3.

5.What is your Future project?
We have lot of project in the pipeline which I can t disclose right now but I can share that our team is working for Prakash Jha s  Chakraviuh & Satya grah.

6.What do you think of the current scenario in the Industry?
In the current scenario, the standard of vfx has improved with excellence and also the volume of the project has increased as compared to past. So you can say the potential of the man-power is growing. Since level of vfx has grown up so in the coming days the scripts will be more vfx based.

7.What message you want to give for the Future animators?
I would like to say that this Industry is growing rapidly and it has huge potential. In the coming time this industry demands the large pool of skilled professional. But at the same time we have lot of unemployment in the industry so you have to prove yourself in the industry.
By : Akash Jain
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